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We Look After Our JV Partners!

That's how it should be!... Here's what just a few of our existing JV Parters have to say about working with me over the last 2 years....

Here's What Matt Bacak Has To Say About Working With Us...

"I saw $4.36 EPC... Promoting This Offer Has Made Me Over $7,000...

He Has Paid Me 397 times... He Keeps Paying Me... And Paying Me... 🙂 "

Here's What Rob Cornish Has To Say About Working With Us...

"Great sales copy... And when people get access they can instantly see the quality..."

Here's What Jeremy Kennedy Has To Say About Working With Us...

"I got a hop conversion rate of 21.8%... and an EPC of $3.44 over all...

... What's more my list absolutely loved this offer..."

Here's What Kevin Polley From ARP Reach Has To Say About Working With Us...

"If you want to do something smart... Get in on this..."

Here's The Leaderboard From 2017...

Between the 25th February and the 8th March 2017 we held a 10 day Affiliate Contest when re-launched The Internet Marketing Newsletter PLR service on Warrior+ below are the results from the Leaderboard and the cash prizes awarded.

Relaunch Feb-March 2017 - Final JV Partner Leaderboard

1st ($1,000) - Matt Bacak 

2nd ($600) – Rob Cornish

3rd ($300) – Shawn Casey

4th ($200) – Jeremy Kennedy

5th ($150) – Martin Avis

6th ($100) - Paul Hollins

7th ($50) - Kevin Polley

8th ($40) - Randy Smith

9th ($20) - Roy Carter

10th ($10) - David Perdew



The Internet Marketing Newsletter PLR Sells Well... It Always Has

The Internet Marketing Newsletter (originally launched as Delaveri) has been published for over 8 years at $47/month, with an extremely high conversion rate of 5%, and during launch week we saw an average of $2.72 earnings per click. 

That's an amazing EPC for a continuity program offer! ... And that amount was only going to INCREASE as the monthly recurring JV commissions continued to be paid...

... Below you can check a screen shot from the launch promotion we ran for 10 days between the 25th February and the 5th March 2018.

This special promotion of the Internet Marketing Newsletter PLR  included a $1 trial, reduced monthly subscription fee of $29.99/month and a $99 'One Time Offer' to get unrestricted access to all the back issues of the entire newsletter PLR collection. 

Over $100k In Referred Sales...


Do You Want To Receive Monthly Recurring Commissions And Join The Party This Year?

I understand that you want "instant commissions" but how about I keep giving you extra commissions EACH and EVERY time you referred customer renews their membership subscription to The Internet Marketing Newsletter PLR each month?

So you get "recurring instant commissions" month after month... after month?

Have your cake today... And eat it.... and have another cake and eat that next month too! 🙂

Your earnings will continue to go up and up following your promotion of The Internet Marketing Newsletter PLR.

The Retention Rate Is Amazing!

The retention rate on this evergreen product is not just amazing it's bordering on INSANE!

We're seeing customer after customer staying with their membership long term - many getting on for THREE YEARS.

Just imagine the recurring commission revenue stream on retention like that month after month after month...

More Details About The Internet Marketing PLR:

The Internet Marketing Newsletter Monthly Private Label Rights Service is like no other because:

It's written by an IM professional and his in-house team, not ghostwriters. The Internet Marketing Newsletter is written, published and managed by me... My name is Nick James and I am a full time Internet Marketer originally from the United Kingdom which is where I started my first online direct marketing business back in 2001. I wouldn't put anything in my newsletter that I wasn't deeply proud of to share with my readers.

The newsletter contains content I originally wrote exclusively for my $40/month newsletter subscribers and website members of the a 6-figure a year site I have been publishing since 2004. It was never the original intention to release the licensing rights to this content. It's that good.

Each month the newsletter is delivered in both raw Word Doc source files and also as a professionally designed 32+page glossy e-magazine format. Together with an extra supplement / pull out section. No other IM newsletter comes close to the size and quality of the Internet Marketing Newsletter.

The Interet Marketing Newsletter does something ordinary publications do not do. - It teaches real methods for making real money online.

Inside The Internet Marketing Newsletter is the very latest Internet Marketing news, resources, proven techniques and profitable methods for marketing online in every single issue.

The PLR can be used in newsletter / magazine format via the included template - customers can simply change the title and add the authors name to rebrand. Excellent for list building.

The PLR can also be repurposed into blog posts, products, emails, articles, autoresponder sequences, videos, e-courses, podcasts and even radio shows etc. The ONLY limit is that it cannot be resold as PLR.

In return for your marketing efforts, we've put together an extremely high converting commission program that gives you the potential to earn immediately and then repeatedly each month through recurring commissions.

Do You Qualify For Instant Commissions?

We run the Internet Marketing Newsletter program through JVZoo, one of the most trusted names in affiliate marketing. they have a reliable system and make it incredibly easy for you to track your clicks and sales.

We payour 50% commissions via JVZooPay to all products included in the sales funnel.

You are qualified to be accepted for instant commissions if you have generated at least 100 sales via the JVZoo platform.

To join us, simply join the JV Notification List below, then submit your JV / Affiliate request, we will then approve you for instant commissions on the entire funnel.

You Send The Traffic... We do the Selling!

Here Is An Illustration Of The Marketing Funnel:

Enjoy DOUBLING Affiliate Prizes For 2019!

We're pulling out all the stops again this year and DOUBLING the CA$H PRIZES we paid out last year... for our Top JV Partners who take part in our next 7 day promotion campaign.

See below for details....

7 Day Affiliate Contest

6am 29th August - 11.59 4th Sept 2019

1st ($2,000) 

2nd ($1200) – 

3rd ($600) – 

4th ($400) – 

5th ($300) – 

6th ($200) - 

7th ($120) - 

8th ($80) - 

9th ($60) -

10th ($40) - 




Ready To Book This In To Your Promotion Schedule?

then Just Follow These Steps Below:

Step 1: Sign Up For The JV Partner' Notification List

This is not a promotion list... and Is JUST for JV Partners.

privacy I value your privacy, I wont share your details.

Step 2: Request Approval Via The JVZoo Network & Get Your Links

To open a new window and apply for instant commissions through the JVZoo Platform. You will get a link for the front end offer and will then be automatically approval for all the additional products in the funnel.

Step 3: Promote By Email

Email Marketing Swipes

Email #1

Subject Line: Why 99.9% of PLR is Just WRONG

Here's what's wrong with PLR

It's false advertising.

"Just change the author's name to your own
and you're good to go!"


99.9% of it is written by clueless ghostwriters
locked in dark caves who get paid by the word.

This means that:

A: They know practically nothing about real-world
marketing, yet here they are creating PLR for
Internet marketers

B: It's written so poorly NO ONE will want to read
it, including you, so now you've got to REWRITE it

C: Since they don't know what they're writing
about, you'll have to fact check EVERYTHING

You'd be better off starting from SCRATCH.

And THAT, my friend, is why I don't recommend
99.9% of PLR.

That said, there is an occasional exception, rare
as they are.

And I've found just ONE of those exceptions so far
this year.


[INSERT YOUR AFFILIATE LINK HERE] a rare chance to get PLR rights
of a 32+ page Internet Marketing MEMBER'S
ONLY newsletter that was NEVER EVER EVER meant
to be PLR.

It was written exclusively for a small insider's
group of marketers and not meant to be seen by

Yet here is the chance - the RARE chance - to grab
your access to this monthly 32+page magazine package.

This is PLR so good, no one, and I mean NO ONE,
will ever suspect it's PLR.

These are real world strategies for online
marketing that have been personally used by the
author, tested, and proven to work. It's backed by
stats, data and personal experiences, not made up
by some clueless ghostwriter locked in a closet

This stuff WORKS, and it will blow not only your
mind but the minds of your readers and your
customers as well.

Plus there's IM news, free resources, brilliant
(and profitable) ideas and more.

You can use the prime content to produce
your own monthly newsletter or magazine (template included)
or to make products, write emails, make
blogposts, create videos, do e-courses, webinars,

You get full PLR to all the content, but it's
for an EXTREMELY limited time.




P.S. The problem with ordinary PLR is that it's
written to be PLR. This means anything goes,
anything is acceptable, and it's basically rubbish
meant to fill up 50 pages and look halfway decent.

But readers know a good product from a bad

Your readers will know if you try to pass off crapy
PLR on them.

And they will NOT forgive you.

That's why when these extremely rare chances come
along to get truly First Class Content that was
NEVER, EVER meant to be PLR, you've got to GRAB

This is package that delivers over 32+ pages per month.
Just think what you can accomplish, what you can do,
how much you can make and how far ahead you will be
with that Prime Grade-A content at your disposal.

Go here now, the price is extremely affordable but
it won't stay there for ever:



Subject Line: Secret Source of .4 cent Killer Content

Question of the Day:

How do you get an IM veteran to write you 32+
pages of amazing content each and every month
for less than $2 a page?

Until now, the only way I could answer that
question was like this:

"At gunpoint."

After all, why would an online marketing veteran
who's generated $millions online write PLR content?

Real answer: He wouldn't.

He might, however, be persuaded to sell private
label rights to his member's only monthly
newsletter, (The Internet Marketing Newsletter).

And that is EXACTLY what is happening right NOW.

The Internet Marketing Newsletter PLR is like none other because:

* It's written by an IM professional and his
team, not clueless ghostwriters.

* This is content originally written
exclusively for his $40 a month subscribers, never
intending to release the rights to it. It's that

* EACH ISSUE is in a 32+ page glossy e-magazine format
– no other IM newsletter or magazine comes close to
the size or quality of The Internet Marketing Newsletter.

*The Internet Marketing Newsletter does something ordinary publications
don't do – it teaches REAL methods for making REAL
money online.

* The Internet Marketing Newsletter  contains the latest Internet
marketing news, resources, proven techniques and
profitable methods for marketing online in every
single issue

* The PLR can be used in magazine format with
a ready PDF you can distribute, along with its
editable .doc file– just change the magazine name
and author's name to your own – excellent for list
building - or just deliver it as is!

* The PLR content can also be re-purposed in blog,
posts, products, emails, articles, autoresponder
sequences, videos, e-courses, etc. The ONLY limit
is that you cannot resell rights to it.

Members still pay $40 per month for this content elsewhere, but
for A FEW DAYS ONLY you can get full Private Label
Rights to it for just $1.50 PER PAGE.





P.S. Why waste your time writing IM content that
may not work, when you can 'hire' a pro to create
hot money-generating IM content for you, for just

Writing sucks.

You know it and I know it.

Would you like to know the REAL secret to business

It's working ON your business instead of slaving
away IN your business.

Stop wasting your time creating mediocre content
and start making money today.




Subject Line: IMers: Your Biggest Headache SOLVED

Why waste your time writing IM content that may
not work...

… when you can use content written for you by an
online marketing pro...

...and for just $1.50 a page???


Writing sucks.

I know it and you know it.

It's painful, it's drudgery, it's flat out WORK.

That's why I'm going to make radical suggestion...

STOP writing!

Stop slaving away in your business.

Instead, let a Pro hand you 32+ pages of grade-A
prime proven content you can use any way you
choose... make products ...emails posts
...ecourses ...autoresponder series ...videos
...your own monthly newsletter / magazine (template included)


You own the PLR rights to content that was never
meant to PLR – it's that GOOD!

First step: Get this...


Second step: All the time you save by NOT writing,
use to work on building your business and making

Now that's just plain SMART.



P.S. Don't confuse this with ordinary PLR
– it's not.

It's written by a professional million dollar
marketer and his team – not some ghostwriter out
of touch with what works in the real IM world.

This is content to good, I promise you and your
audience will learn more from EACH issue than you
would if you bought several WSO's.

And along with the monthly raw content you get a ready 

to go PDF MAGAZINE with all the content in it you can distribute AS IS!

Need I say more?

Check it out now:



Step 4: Add A Banner To Unused Space On A Thank You / Confirmation Page

Listen, I'm not necessarily suggesting you put a banner on a your website home page... However putting an affiliate banner on an order confirmation page, opt in thank you page or a download page which customers see AFTER interacting with your website can be REALLY EFFECTIVE... and If you're like most Internet Marketers... Most of this prime advertising space is completely under-used.

So why not put that under-used space to good use?

Just 'set and forget' to receive recurring commissions by adding a banner to a Thank You Page of yours today.

A selection of attractive banners can be found below, simply RIGHT CLICK and SAVE IMAGE AS, then upload them to your website and use your affiliate link to bag yourself some extra affiliate commissions every month:

Banner 1 120 x 60 Pixels

Image 2 120 x 90

Banner 3 120 x 120

Banner 4 120 x 600

Banner 5 125 x 125

Banner 6 160 x 600

Banner 7 200 x 200

Banner 8 234 x 60

Banner 9 250 x 250

Banner 10 300 x 250

Banner 11 320 x 50

Banner 12 336 x 280

Banner 13 486 x 60

Banner 14 728 x 90

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