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“Why Waste Your Time Writing Internet Marketing Content That May Not Work...”

When You Can Hire Me To Create Hot New Money-Generating IM Content For You...?

  • Let's face it... Writing Sucks! So stop your suffering now and stop trying to do everything yourself. Instead, let me and my team of talented graphic designers, create a continuous stream of Hot Internet Marketing Newsletter Content for you. (After all, you have better things to do... right?)
  • Join me today and you'll immediately get over 32+ pages of current, up-to-date pure Internet Marketing content that contains an Introduction, all the Latest News, internet marketing Ideas, cool Resources, an Epilogue - Feature Length Articles and ADDITIONAL Exclusive pull-out-supplements all in one place, each and every month. IMPORTANT: This is NOT rehashed or crappy old PLR content – This is professional, timely, relevant content which will keep your readers' attention and keep them coming back for more!
  • The content is written by IM professionals who earn their full-time living online and know what they're talking about... (Something that's EXTREMELY RARE when searching for a reliable ghost writing service in the IM space)
  • You get Full Private Label Rights to all the .doc files (Use the content almost any way you want!)
  • You Can Use The Content For Articles, Emails, Blog Posts, In E-books, E-courses, Podcasts, Videos Etc. - Anyway You Choose, You've Got Full Written Permission!
  • You also get the content of each month structured for you and delivered as a ready to be distributed 32+page professional looking ILLUSTRATED PDF magazine so you can deliver it AS IS to your subscribers.
  • FINALLY You Can Focus On More Important Aspects of Business Building Than Creating Outstanding Content

Dear Fellow Online Marketer,

Do you ever feel like you're juggling too many balls... Or running too many projects?

Does it feel like you can't get everything done and there's just not enough hours in the day to make any real money online?... I mean where the heck has your Internet Marketing lifestyle disapeared to?

It's frustrating, isn't it?

However it doesn't have to stay that way. You are about to discover (just by reading this web page) several powerful strategies that you can implement immediately to stop being so overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done.

And it doesn't matter whether you are a complete newbie, been struggling for a few years or even if you are a superstar in the IM niche, I can help you.

But first, just so we're both on the same page here, let me share with you something that all successful entrepreneurs agree upon.

The Real Secret To Business Success

If you're not succeeding it's because you're spending too much time slaving away IN your business...

...instead of working ON your business.

Now, perhaps you have heard that before but it's not sunk in or it seemed irrelevant to you in your business... So let me put it another way:

Architects don't actually build buildings – they have workers who do that for them.

Chefs don't chop vegetables or clean the kitchen – they have workers who do that for them.

CEOs don't actually make and sell products, perform services or answer phones – they have workers who do that for them.

Do you see the pattern here?

The #1 biggest reason online businesses fail is because their owners spend all their time doing the 'grunt' work instead of focusing on how to build their business.

Let's say that again because it's crucial that you understand...

The #1 biggest reason online businesses fail is because their owners waste all their time doing the 'grunt' work,

Instead of focusing on actually Building Their Businesses

You will never become a 6 or 7 figure earner online until you start delegating – or outsourcing – the majority of your work.

It simply isn't possible.

There are not enough hours in the day to do everything a successful online marketer must do.

And one of your jobs as an online marketer is to publish great content on your websites, your blogs, in your emails, in social media, in your products and so forth.

This is no longer optional

Great content is now a requirement to compete and succeed
in the IM marketplace.

If you're trying to do it all by yourself, you're going to struggle.

As well as forfeiting countless hours researching and writing articles during evenings and over weekends or perhaps even working late into the night most nights... You should either be enjoying time with your family and friends (which is probably the reason you started your online business in the first place) or if you are 'truly addicted' to your online business like most of our existing customers, you should be planning and working on your next 6-figure product launch!

When you think about the amount of time and energy it takes you to generate fresh new content compared to the amount of money you create making and selling new products... It's a no brainer – You've got to get some help producing your eZine, newsletter and blog site content.... and the sooner you do it the faster you can increase your income.

Moving Forward: You've Got 2 Choices:

Your First Choice - You can outsource the work to someone. Go to Upwork, Freelancer or any of those other sites and search through the writers. Eventually, after weeks or months of trial and error (and some wasted gigs), you will find someone suited to do the job - maybe even several people. The next step is to now train them to write great online content for you. And expect to pay them at least several hundred dollars a month each, if not more, as you continue to teach them what you want them to do.

Your Second ChoiceThe choice which all 'the smart marketers' make when reading this page. Let me handle your new IM content creation for you. Without any hassels whatsoever.

Remember I make my entire living not by writing about Internet Marketing, but by actually DOING it.

That's why my Internet Marketing Newsletter PLR content is second to none in the industry. In fact, not only will your readers be entertained and learn new skills every time they read your newsletter – we're betting that you'll be impressed with your new found knowledge too. 🙂

Imagine being a total hero to your readers, subscribers, prospects and customers.

And imagine being the authority they look to for the latest news and techniques of Internet Marketing.

Yes, YOU!

Together with our in-house design team, we're going to be working over-time to make you look like a star to your audience.

They'll never know that all you do is put your own name on the cover and nothing else.

You do none of the research.

You do none of the writing.

Together with my designers, we'll do it all for you.

Here's A Promise: You will personally discover more about Internet Marketing while reading one issue of our newsletter than you'll ever get buying 5 eBooks from Clickbank.

How cool is that?

So, with this in mind, perhaps I should introduce you to the topics and features you can come to expect each month within each upcoming issue of your newsletter:

  • YouTube: Quick & easy 'set & forget' video marketing techniques to send continual targeted traffic
  • Blogging: How to get your readers positively addicted to you and your blog from the very first time they visit.
  • Conversions: How to literally quadruple your sales conversions, guaranteed. Make 4 times the profits from the SAME traffic
  • Outsourcing: This is the key to making millions, yet most marketers get it totally wrong. Here's how to use outsourcing to make your first 5, 6 and eventually 7 figure incomes.
  • JVs: Scared to death to do JVs? Think you don't have anything to offer? Guess again! Here are over 20 methods to get JVs with almost anyone.
  • Offliners: Tough time getting in the door? Here are 5 simple services you can offer that will have brick and mortar businesses begging you for more.
  • Persuasion: Top 20 tactics for quickly and easily turning prospects into buyers using the Jedi mind tricks of master hypnotists. (Your prospects won't stand a chance!)
  • Fiverr: How to earn $500 or more per week doing simple little things that require almost no skill.
  • Facebook: How to make a killing on Facebook with a $50 budget and zero experience.
  • Free Marketing Tips: How to completely differentiate yourself from every other offline marketer out there and show your clients how to make far MORE money without spending a dime on advertising!
  • Niches: 50 niches that are just begging to be exploited. We're talking low competition and high profits.
  • Listbuilding: How to continually build a red hot list of buyers without ever selling a single product (Ingenious!).
  • Webinars: The step-by-step system anyone can use to host profit-pulling webinars – even if you don't have anything to sell and you hate speaking!
  • Podcasting: Don't just do any old podcast – design yours to become a non-stop money maker with these 25 little known techniques.


You get the NEWS and latest hot RESOURCES AND HOT IDEAS all related to Internet Marketing.

Repurpose your monthly newsletter content in any way you choose:

  • Your own PDF newsletters
  • Your own (online/offline) magazine
  • Your money-making autoresponder series
  • Attention getting blog posts
  • Hot selling products
  • Your own audio recordings, podcast or 'radio show'
  • Your own ebooks
  • Your own list building reports
  • Recurring payment memberships
  • And so much more.

The one thing we ask you to never ever do is make the 'source files' of the PLR Newsletter available to anyone else or license the PLR on to anyone else. This is because we want to maintain the integrity and value of the material for all concerned.

(Though we do offer an affiliate program should you wish to promote our newsletter writing service to your customers).

“Truth Alert!”

"Let's face it you know it and I know it... Most PLR you get offered online these days is pure crap which is why I've tended to stay away from it.

However, every once in a while you make a discovery and find a source of PLR that reminds you of what licensing was originally meant to be about. The ability to re-publish someone else's brilliant content and put your name as the author and generally making life EASIER for yourself.

Finding PLR opportunities like what Nick has here is rare... However what's even unique about this monthly PLR service is that it's being created by someone that's got over 15+ years full-time IM experience (not some ghostwriter from a far flung corner of the planet). Heck this guy even fought off 200+ other marketers in my Mastermind Group and won the coveted Internet Marketer Of The Year just recently.

So rest assured that whatever he's writing about comes from his first hand experience having worked in IM for almost as long as me. His PLR service is highly recommended"

Matt Bacak

Join Me Today And
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A Ready To Deliver ILLUSTRATED Internet Marketing Newsletter / Magazine

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Each month our highly skilled in-house design team will lay out your PLR content to become a professional looking magazine/newsletter which you can instantly deliver to your subscribers/customers using our 'generic white label' brand name ...

Or simply edit the default content using MS Word to fully rebrand everything such as changing the title or adding your domain name as the publisher.

And here is a screenshot showing all the inside pages of one of our recent issues:

To Summarize:

You get the content for creating your own publication: over 32+ pages each and every month of pure Internet Marketing oriented content, categorised as displayed in the image below.

  • There has never been a better time to begin publishing your own IM Newsletter or creating your own magazine and PUTTING YOUR NAME ON IT (GREAT for list building and developing lasting customer relationships!)
  • Be confident in knowing that you will receive the highest quality ghost written content that you can be proud to publish. Content that not only educates but also entertains your customers and subscribers.
  • PLUS with our no-nonsense Private Label Rights, you can pretty much use the content in any way you desire - Use your newly written content for Articles, Emails, Blog Posts, In E-books, eCourses, Podcasts, Radio Shows, Videos Etc. (Just please read the full T&Cs in our FAQ section so you know what's not covered) - In 99.9% of all cases you're covered!

You also get a ready to be distributed PDF ILLUSTRATED newsletter full of the monthly content, so you can deliver it AS IS to your subscribers.

And remember:

Your fresh, created from scratch, monthly content contains an Introduction, Resources, Extra Pull Out Supplement, an Epilogue and all the Latest News and internet marketing Techniques and Methods in one place (Again this is NOT rehashed info – this is timely, relevant and will keep your readers' attention!)

Now You Can FINALLY FOCUS On More Important Aspects Of Business Building Than Creating Outstanding Content!

Exclusive 100th Anniversary Issue Bonus

Instantly Get Your Own Personal Podcast With
All The Content Already Recorded For You!

$97 Value- Completely Free When You Join Today

We wanted to do something very special to celebrate the 100th issue our our newsletter and that’s why we have created this very special bonus for you.

Introducing The

Audio PLR Interview Series

When you claim your first issue of the Internet Marketing PLR Newsletter today, we’re also going to include a brand new Audio PLR interview.

Even better… every single month you’ll receive a new PLR interview with a leading marketer… at no extra cost!

These audio interviews all come with full private label rights… you can use them for just about anything you can imagine.

Here’s a sample of an interview we did with Laura Casselman, the inspiring CEO of what is arguably one of, if not THE, best affiliate marketplaces for information publishers and software developers... JVZoo

As you can hear, these are ready to go, straight out of the box. You can just use them as is without putting any work into them.

However, they are also ready to customize and for you to make them your own...

These interviews are the perfect bonuses to give away with your monthly newsletters, they will add a ton of value and wow factor for your subscribers. Having your own Podcast or “Radio Show” will really help you stand out from the crowd and attract the results you deserve and desire.

Fair warning… these Audio PLR Interviews will be launched as a separate service later on, with a monthly cost of $97.

But right here today, you’ll not only get your first copy for free… You will also completely bypass any future cost and lock yourself in to getting one free Audio PLR Interview every single month!

And we have some great ones already lined up for you, including interviews with a hand-picked selection of  internet marketing super-heroes like; Marlon Sanders, Bill Glazer, Matt Bacak, Ryan Deiss, Russell Brunson, Clate Mask, Frank Kern, Tai Lopez, Todd Gross, Paul Ponna, Luke Maquire, Amy Porterfield, Dr Ben Adkins, Ron Douglas .... and Many More…

Join The IM PLR Newsletter Today & Secure Your Free, $97 Value, Audio PLR Interview Today & New One Every Month At ZERO Extra Cost!

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As a special bonus, join today and you will also receive the most valuable extra bonus I have ever published.

Introducing: The Unfair Advantage Swipe Files.

They say ‘Copy Is King and Content Is Queen’ when it comes to marketing online. I think you’ll agree we have the content part nailed already… However what about a little help publishing great copy?

The answer can be found within these pages as they contain copies of all my sales letters dating back to 2001. Together they helped me to bank a whopping $14,547,652.36 since I began my little online business.

In fact just ONE of the sales letters included gave me a 7% conversion rate to a cold mailing and went on to sell 4,600 copies of a product at $143.95 – You work out the math on that!

Including Copywriter Notes: Plus hand written on each page are my personal copywriting notes as to “why” I wrote the copy the way I did and “what” the sentence was trying to achieve.

This is really powerful stuff.

The Unfair Advantage Swipe Files sell on another website for $497 (you can check here). But right now you can get them COMPLETELY FREE when you subscribe to the Internet Marketing Newsletter PLR service TODAY.

You will get the written permission to re-publish, re-purpose and re-use the sales copy inside the Swipe Files for ANY of your own projects.  However you cannot pass these rights along to anyone else. They are just for your use.

One final point I should make about these sales letters… When I started marketing, I used direct mail.

EVERY WORD had to count.  I trusted these letters to return some serious investment in printing and mailing the traditional way. They worked. They worked then and they will work today. They are worth their weight in GOLD and printed out they weigh nearly 9lbs.

I reserve the right to remove this Mega Bonus at any time.

“That’s Fantastic Nick!"

But What’s The Deal On All This Amazing PLR Content?

Well, as I said… given the quality of these newsletters, it’s no wonder that my existing members are already happily paying $47 per issue!

Considering I’m also giving you a full professionally designed and “ready to go” newsletter with every issue… not to forget the brand new Audio PLR Interviews and the “Unfair Advantage Swipe Files”...

...I could easily charge at least $197 for this service and it would still be an incredible bargain.

Let’s Recap Exactly What You Get Instant Access To Today…

  • You’ll get your first issue of the Internet Marketing Newsletter with full, unrestricted private label rights.
  • Remember that it contains over 32+ pages of pure Internet and Niche Marketing content of exceptional quality that you can be proud of.
  • It’s divided into sections, so you can easily find and use any of the Introductions, News, Ideas, Resources and Epilogues in any way you desire.
  • You get Private Label Rights. Use your newly written content to create new E-books, eCourses, Podcasts, Radio Shows, Videos Etc.
  • You'll also receive a Professionally Designed Template in Word Doc (.doc) format, just open it, add your newsletter title and your own name and run your own PRINTED and/or online magazine.
  • You’ll get your first copy of the Audio PLR Interviews and lock yourself in to receive a new one every single month… for free!
  • And you’ll get instant access to my $497 “Unfair Advantage Swipe Files” at no extra cost.

After you have seen everything inside and the awesome bonuses I have included, you’re probably thinking that I’ve thought of everything.

But I’ve got one more thing to tell you about… and it’s going to make this decision an easy one:

I Want To Remove All Risk For You!

That’s Why I’m Including My Iron-Clad, 14-Day, “No Questions Asked” Money Back Guarantee!

Yes, I’ve saved the best for last and…

The best thing is... I’m covering you with an amazing guarantee:

Guarantees like that don't come along every day...

Neither do opportunities like this...

So now is the time to take action!


You Do Need To Act Fast!

This offer is only available for a very limited time and I reserve the right to end it or raise the price at any moment.

The bonuses, including the free Audio PLR interview, may be removed at any time.

This is not a gimmick! In order to protect my own investment and the profit pulling potential for the fast action takers... and to make it fair to my many existing members...

If you leave this page now and come back later, I cannot guarantee that you can still get everything you see promised here!

You should evaluate today's offer on today's merits.

The decision is yours.

But my advice would be to take action today and...

Click The Button Below To Join &
Claim All Your Bonuses Today For…

Just $47 Per Month.

You'll be able to access the current issue complete with full PLR rights, together with the 'ready-to-go' designed PDF Newsletter instantly!

$47 Today & Then the Same Each Month
The Internet Marketing Newsletter PLR Monthly Membership*

Cancel Any Time - No Strings - No Ties - No Catches

Whilst we are now nearing the bottom of this webpage, I hope that we are at the very beginning of a long and rewarding business relationship together.




Nick James

P.S. Right now you're at a fork in the road - you can either carry on as you are - wake up tomorrow in the same place - struggling to make anything at all online. Or you can take action and invest in yourself and change your life for the better - nothing is going to change unless you do! So trust your gut and click on the buy button now.

P.P.S Remember that this is a strictly limited special offer. If you close this page and try to come back later I can not guarantee that this offer will still be here and definitely not at the same price. With my guarantee you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain. Click the buy button now and get started today!

Just $47 Per Month.

You'll be able to access the current issue complete with full PLR rights, together with the 'ready-to-go' designed PDF Newsletter instantly!

$47 Today & Then the Same Each Month
The Internet Marketing Newsletter PLR Monthly Membership*

Cancel Any Time - No Strings - No Ties - No Catches

What Existing Subscribers Have To Say About The Internet Marketing Newsletter PLR Service

“The Internet Marketing Newsletter is the best in its class and deserves all the praise it gets”

“Nick James has helped thousands of people with his world class content. The Internet Marketing Newsletter is the best in its class and deserves all the praise it gets.

I see a lot of online business products and this gets one of my highest recommendations. Thanks, Nick!”

Shane Nathan, WarriorPlus.com

“That's How A Newsletter Should Be Done!”

At least that's how I always thought it should be done.

It's probably the first one I've ever read from beginning to end (besides my own of course). rest of those who *play* on the Internet Marketing arena.

Willie Crawford, WillieCrawford.com

“I love the fact that as part of the package I am given your newsletter in MS Word format so I can repurpose the information for my own members and marketing.”

Nick, thank you! I have been an active member of your Internet Marketing PLR Newsletter and I absolutely LOVE IT! It’s presented in such a professional manner and the content is first class.

As a Marketer of 13 years, I’ve seen so much information being branded as good quality with private label rights (PLR), and I must admit that nothing has risen to the high standards that I require, until now.

The information contained in your Newsletter and the format is second to none. I love the fact that as part of the package I am given your newsletter in MS Word format so I can repurpose the information for my own members and marketing.

I use your newsletter every month, add my own logo and put my own spin on things. Then I send it to my email list, add to my blog and watch the positive responses come in.

This is key as you know. If you can send quality to your following then you’re already winning. However, the stumbling block for most is where to start and what to send out. Your Internet Marketing Newsletter addressed this and more!

Again, Nick thank you for your vision, professionalism and for sharing your wealth of knowledge with us all.

Phil Carrick

I didn't want to write this testimonial because the newsletter is my secret weapon.

"They say if you want to achieve results then find people who have already done it and model them. This is what makes this newsletter so great.

The content that is written is by an expect in the field so you get tried and tested insights, methods, knowledge and processes. This content is great as it can be used to help your customers and clients but indirectly raises your own creditability too because it contains information that works.

Finding the time or team for content creation can be tough when running your business but anything that makes any part of that easier is a no brainer.

It's trusted content and created by someone who implements it them-self. Nick leads by example and is a genuine internet marketer. I didn't want to write this testimonial because the newsletter is my secret weapon. But deep inside I also know that its information that will guide you well and thats more important then my ego."

Jatinder Palaha, BigFanta.com

“The Best Internet Marketing Magazine On The Internet”

I read lots!

I also read quite a bit that Nick James writes, I like Nick's style and I know Nick is a very smart guy (in fact almost too smart:-))

The Internet Marketing Newsletter is the BEST internet marketing magazine available on the internet (YES it is the Best).

Tony McCarthy, The Irish Marketer

“I'm Very Happy”

I bought the Internet Marketing Newsletter PLR Service, and have to say that i am very happy!

Daniel Theiler

“I highly recommend using this tool to help market and position yourself as that authority in your marketplace.”

Working with Nick and his team and having the ability to use the Internet marketing newsletter allows you to position yourself as an authority instantly. By providing this to your client base and your niche as the editor and producer of your own magazine is powerful. I highly recommend using this tool to help market and position yourself as that authority in your marketplace.

Mike Driggers, AuthorityMarketingAgent.com

“Another Hit Out Of The Ballpark”

Love your newsletter - you provide a lot of great information without overload.

Looking forward to the next issue.

Ed Seward

“I'm Loving It!”

I'm loving the newsletter, it's by far one of the best monthly PLR writing services in the IM PLR space. It saves me so much time and my own customers love it too.

Lee Nazel, www.LeeNazel.net

“Your newsletter PLR is top notch professionally created”

Congratulations Nick for being at the top of JVZOO, well deserved.

Your newsletter PLR is top notch professionally created. I love it and your recent offer has inspired me to get back into the business of Internet Marketing, using your content as a base for getting going again. I will keep you in the loop as to how I am doing if you don't mind.

Carl Tambeau aka JC

"licensing another coaches content can be so useful. Its saves so much time"

As a coach I know how long it takes to write my newsletter and blog content... and here’s what winds up happening: I don’t do as good as a job as I’d like, or I pay too, much to outsource or I don’t do it. Then, my sales suffer, I fall out of touch with my current clients, and overall, I feel worse.

That's why licensing another coaches content can be so useful. Its saves so much time

Here’s the challenge with licensing other people’s material: it could be either really bad or not look good or just not fit.

That’s why I love that I found Nick’s stuff!

The content is top rate, it’s quality work-and, while this might not sound important at first -  I think it is super important - the material LOOKS great.  Often your client will not read all of what you’ve sent, but there’ll skim it, and if it looks good they’ll have the perception that you’re sending quality, valuable information.

So, combine the great looks with quality content and you’ll have something you’re proud to send and your clothes will appreciate - which results in higher sales, greater retention rates and you’ll feel better knowing you’ve delivered!

Jase Souder, SecretsOfProfitablePresentations.com

Just $47 Per Month.

You'll be able to access the current issue complete with full PLR rights, together with the 'ready-to-go' designed PDF Newsletter instantly!

$47 Today & Then the Same Each Month
The Internet Marketing Newsletter PLR Monthly Membership*

Cancel Any Time - No Strings - No Ties - No Catches

What People Say About Nick James

Nick James is an entrepreneur that cares. His website has some of the best Internet Marketing resources on the Internet that I have found to date. Also his introductory gift of two DVDs and a properly printed book (sent by post) are excellent. I am learning a lot from Nick but have hardly touched the surface of all the knowledge contained in Nick's website. In fact I have started building my own websites using Nick's methods. Although Nick emails regularly (his Weekly Tip email is superb) I don't get constantly bombarded with emails promoting every offering all the other marketers send every day. Life is to short to spend time looking for free information on the Internet; If you invest in Nick's website training, you will more than save the cost in time by having most of your resources readily available in one place. I would recommend anyone with an interest in making money on the Internet to invest in the Internet Marketing Training Club and follow Nick's methods to become wealthy.

David Clark

The internet membership site provided by Nick James..... Well where do I start?.... At first, to be honest, I didn't see the importance, I really didn't..... what a mistake may I add. It's vitally important, especially for new entrepreneurs that need a safe haven or focal point to turn to or need access to information they can turn to at anytime and ask question continuously at anytime. Feed back is very quick. The Members' Discussion Forum is vital to your growth as an entrepreneur especially when you're just starting.  You need to be able to access information quickly and hear what more experienced entrepreneurs are doing.

Nigel Bourne

I think Nick is an amazing mentor, educator and presenter. He comes across as someone who is really passionate about everything he does. His Team is quality and hope to work along for a long time.

Cheka Chokwenda

You Are Not Voted 'Internet Marketer Of The Year' By U.S. Peers By Accident

Nick's personal story is highly motivating and he fully appreciates the need we all have to be motivated. Membership of the Internet Marketing Training Club is a very valuable resource for anyone seeking to build an Internet Marketing business. Nick is tireless in developing new ways of making money on line and helping anyone who wants to put in the effort.

Jolyon Baldwin

In the short time that I have known Nick, I have been very impressed with his service. As a member of his Internet Marketing Training Club, the Articles and Tutorials are excellent information to put into practice.  Nick has always replied to my emails within a couple of days and Nick is an honest straightforward guy and I am please to be part of his group.

Clem Dean

After many false dawns the light is now firmly on. There is so much clear and timely detail that by asking questions and heeding the helpful answers it can only be a matter of time before the sales begin. They surely will. Thanks Nick.

John Beer

I have been lucky enough to be under the tutelage of Nick James and Co. for just over 3 months now and after being initially cautious about "on-line get quick rich" schemes, I have to say that I am "blown away" by the vast amount and quality of information that is supplied constantly to the investors in this programme and beyond. I have personally met Nick and Kate and also some of the other contributors to this business programme and they are REAL, approachable, very professional business people and will bend over backwards to help every student. Even if you already have your own business or if you want to start your own business then don't sit on the fence a second longer. Contact Nick and demand to be his next student. I have met Nick's mentor Andrew, and I can see why Nick seized his opportunity all those years ago and decided to follow in Andrews' footsteps to GENUINE wealth. I have now followed in Nicks footsteps.

Chris Whiting

I started in search of making money in the internet. All I came across yield me nothing. I always hear that to succeed in the business you need a mentor. I came across Nick James and he has changed my thinking and feeling. All that I had from Nick has made me to know that I am in business. Anything he say he does it. I cannot praise him much for now but will recommend him to anyone who wants to do business.

John Asam

Just $47 Per Month.

You'll be able to access the current issue complete with full PLR rights, together with the 'ready-to-go' designed PDF Newsletter instantly!

$47 Today & Then the Same Each Month
The Internet Marketing Newsletter PLR Monthly Membership*

Cancel Any Time - No Strings - No Ties - No Catches

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